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Gramma Beaton's Brown Sugar Beans

This recipe was given to me by my Aunt Joan, who got it from her neighbor. It is deceptively simple, but so good. I just took it to a potluck and got rave...


Boston Baked Beans

A wonderful old-fashioned baked bean flavor. This recipe has served by family for 29 years and originally came from my mother-in-law. It tastes great served...


Slow Cooker Baked Beans

These beans taste like Boston Baked Beans. Yummy!

Author: creamcheese5

Baked Beans from Scratch

Navy beans, molasses, and maple syrup combine to make this classic dish at home.

Author: wkndyummychef

Slow Cooker Homemade Beans

A delicious taste of homemade beans which can be served as a main course or as a side dish. Especially great for football Sundays, or frozen for a later...


Simple Baked Beans

This baked bean recipe uses canned beans instead of the dry type so it is quick and easy to prepare.

Author: Brandi

Spicy Baked Beans

Tangy and sweet old-fashioned baked beans with a little jalapeno. They're easy to make and great at a BBQ, hamburger night, a picnic, etc. My husband's...

Author: Katherine Wright

Easy Baked Beans

I have been making this for almost 40 years. The original recipe calls for all ketchup; it was my idea to make that half ketchup and half barbeque sauce....

Author: melmsc1

Calico Bean Casserole

Kidney beans, baked beans and butter beans are combined with ground beef, bacon and onion and baked. It's thick, hearty, and pretty tasty too! This can...

Author: Dee Dee

Baked Beans with Beef

This is the best baked bean recipe I've ever known. Great with any main dish but more especially with barbeque beef, pork, or chicken. The slow cooker...

Author: Mark Lackey

Chef John's Boston Baked Beans

This is a great side dish with anything!

Author: Chef John

Better Baked Beans

Tangy, sweet old fashioned baked beans, are made the easy way in this side dish. This is my grandma's favorite semi home-made recipe. She makes it every...

Author: Diane Carman-Young

Down Home Baked Beans

This is a simple recipe for baked beans, and oh so good.


Instant Pot® Baked Beans

This recipe was passed down through my French Canadian family from my grandmother, to my mother and then to me many years ago. It traditionally takes hours...

Author: France C

Bacon Baked Beans

I doctor up canned baked beans with apple and brown sugar to make them sticky and sweet. This is the easiest recipe to make.

Author: Dana

Perfect BBQ Baked Beans

I saw a similar recipe online a while back and have been amending it to make it my own. Everyone always loves these beans, and they are a sweet, filling,...

Author: aleasa

Sweet Barbeque Beans

Sweet barbeque beans loaded with bacon and ground beef and a surprisingly sweet flavor. The taste of these beans is to die for!

Author: Tarene Condie

Baked Beans II

A quick and easy way to dress up ordinary pork and beans. The measurements are estimates, but really you can adjust anything to personal taste.

Author: Jackie Smith

Homemade Baked Beans

A quicker version of homemade baked beans using canned Northern beans.

Author: mariap430

Chuckwagon Beans

This is a recipe that has been in my family for years. It's a great combination of sweet and spicy! If you like your beans saucy, you can double the sauce...

Author: whino247

Texas Style Baked Beans

Take the time to make up a batch of these authentic Texas baked beans the next time you have an outdoor cookout. They are sure to be a hit! These are great...

Author: CookinMike

Slow Cooker Baked Beans Using Canned Beans

This tasty dish goes with all your favorite foods and takes just minutes to prepare.

Author: wannabe chefette

The Best Slow Cooker Baked Beans (Dad's Recipe)

This recipe was handed down from my dad. I adjusted it to go into the slow cooker. It's a lot easier. Just set it and forget it.

Author: Sandy Lafleur

Slow Cooker Baked Beans with Ham Hock

A good, homemade recipe for baked beans. Serve with your favorite entree, or as a meal in itself.

Author: Laura

4 Bean Baked Beans

Four different kinds of beans baked with molasses. I have substituted different kinds of beans and enjoyed all of the results. Use whatever kind of beans...

Author: scubaLQ

Bourbon and DP Baked Beans

I came up with this recipe after having made some bourbon baked beans and seeing a recipe for cola baked beans and I thought: Why not combine the two?

Author: dwfalls78

Old Fashioned Baked Beans

This one is great for impressing non-cookers because it is really easy to make.


Apple Baked Beans

Don't let the title or ingredients scare you away from this recipe. These are the greatest baked beans I have ever had. This recipe came from my oldest...

Author: Nancy S

Pat's Baked Beans

My step mom gave me this tasty recipe when I was lamenting over what to bring to a barbecue. I've taken this dish to several parties and there's NEVER...

Author: Kelly

Texas Cowboy Baked Beans

Not your usual baked beans! Green chiles and hot pepper sauce give zest to these eat-'em up sweet-and-hot baked beans.


Hobo Beans

This slow cooker recipe delivers a hearty dish of hamburger, bacon, and beans in a thick and sweet sauce.

Author: Heather

Gigantes (Greek Lima Beans)

This is a family recipe. In Greek, it's called 'Gigantes' which translates as 'Giants.' Try to find the largest dried lima beans possible. My aunt adds...

Author: stamarex

Cowboy Baked Beans

Definitely not quick, but well worth the wait, these beans are thick, sweet, and tangy. I've never served these without someone requesting the recipe.

Author: Alice Shockley

Rancho Baked Beans

Great dish to serve at a BBQ or summer dinner. Easy and tasty! This recipe has been used by the women on my husband's side of the family for years. This...

Author: SusanV.

Slow Cooked Baked Beans

I've also made this recipe using a mix of Great Northern, kidney, and Jacob's Cattle beans.

Author: Linda Rier

Cola Beans

This is a favorite at potlucks and barbeques! I've often wondered if I get invited for my company or my Cola Beans! I've tried several different brands...


Bar B Q Baked Beans

I have been serving this recipe to my extended family every Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter for over 20 years. It is always a big hit but I have never...


My Big Fat Greek Baked Beans

I used to believe the best baked beans came from Boston or Texas, but ever since I discovered this very hearty giant bean casserole, I have to give it...

Author: Chef John

Calico Beans with Beef and Bacon

These hearty beans full of ground beef and bacon are great for a picnic or potluck.

Author: Bea Gassman

Vegetarian Baked Beans

These are Boston-style baked beans.

Author: gammababy

Boston Baked Beans

A wonderful old-fashioned baked bean flavor. This recipe has served by family for 29 years and originally came from my mother-in-law. It tastes great served...


Mom's Baked Beans I

This is a version of a recipe my Mom used to make. I converted it to a low fat recipe, but it is oh-so-good!!

Author: MUSSER99

Vegan Baked Beans

There is no meat in this hearty side dish, just the great sweet and tangy flavors of delicious baked beans.

Author: raesquared

Betty's 3 Bean Hot Dish (a la Minnesota)

My dearest 80-something friend Betty gave me this sensational, hearty recipe for a 3-bean hot dish. She's Finnish, I believe this has roots to home, and...

Author: MrsWifey/Mommy

Baked Beans I

You could almost say that these baked beans with a kick have been double-baked!

Author: Margie Kirkman

Slow Cooker Barbecue Beans

A most excellent barbecue bean, and your kitchen won't get overheated while they're cooking!


Blame the Dog Bean Casserole (Kielbasa and Bean Dish)

This recipe has been a favorite for 30 years. Great at picnics as a side dish, where the guys gave it it's nickname (Blame the Dog). Serve this alone as...

Author: Kay M

Belle's Baked Beans

Even people who don't particularly like baked beans love this one. Best of all it's easy and quick to make.

Author: Maybelle Miller

Baked Beans from Scratch

Navy beans, molasses, and maple syrup combine to make this classic dish at home.

Author: wkndyummychef