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Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Mustard Dressing

A classic steakhouse-style spinach salad with the absolute best warm bacon-mustard dressing I've ever had! Looks and tastes like a lot of work, but can...

Author: brightlightz

Spinach and Strawberry Salad

My family loves this all year round if we can find strawberries. Even the grandchildren love this salad. Quick and easy.

Author: JerJer

Strawberry Spinach Salad I

Someone brought this salad to a pot luck dinner and I had to have the recipe. I have made it many, many times since then and I have been asked for the...


Jamie's Cranberry Spinach Salad

Everyone I have made this for RAVES about it! It's different and so easy to make!

Author: Jamie Hensley

Simple Cranberry Spinach Salad

This is a simple salad that can be made in minutes. It works well at Thanksgiving or anytime you're just looking for something a little different.

Author: Bethanie Rose

Wilted Spinach Salad

An interesting salad that is definitely not low cal! Very popular as a side dish or a meal with my family and friends.

Author: CHPBD

Easy and Awesome Spinach Salad

This is a very easy spinach salad to make. The dressing has some unusual ingredients but is very delicious. I never have leftovers at potlucks when I take...

Author: Lady Scrapalot

Spinach, Bacon, and Mushroom Salad

Simple and delicious!

Author: Dana

Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Feta Cheese

Besides the variations on the dressing, I added feta cheese to the salad. It was scrumptious! Even spinach haters ate it up! I made this for a party and...

Author: Leslie

Spinach and Mushroom Salad

This salad has a warm and slightly tangy bacon dressing. It's one of my family's favorite ways to enjoy a spinach salad.


Watermelon and Feta Salad with Arugula and Spinach

Sweet, salty, and refreshing salad with a little bite.

Author: BamaHaole

The Best Spinach Salad

Everyone LOVES this salad.

Author: sweet alice

Spinach Salad with Peaches and Pecans

A perfect summer salad with ripe peaches, baby spinach, and roasted pecans

Author: Robin Durawa

Spinach Salad with Chicken, Avocado, and Goat Cheese

Great salad with chicken, avocado, and goat cheese.

Author: Bethshan

Strawberry, Kiwi, and Spinach Salad

My aunt makes this salad for my family and I every time we visit.

Author: Amy F.

Jackie's Spinach and Apple Salad

This is a unique and delicious spinach salad with Granny Smith apples, walnuts, and Cheddar cheese. One of our family's favorites!


Harvest Salad

Spinach salad with blue cheese, walnuts, and dried cranberries. If you can't find walnut oil, olive oil may be substituted.

Author: Anonymous

Spinach and Chicken Salad

This salad tastes great and packs a super nutritional punch! Try it with any dressing, but my favorite is a fat free roasted garlic vinaigrette.


Spinach Pomegranate Salad

A very quick and nutritious salad made with pomegranate seeds and feta cheese.

Author: SarieNickle

Fresh Spinach Salad

A wonderful salad with a homemade dressing to pour over at time of serving. Everybody likes this!

Author: SUZBO

Strawberry Romaine Salad I

For my wedding shower everyone brought a few recipes and this is one of my favorites. It is refreshing and pretty. This salad also travels well, just save...

Author: Mary J

Asian Inspired Spinach Salad

A spinach salad that makes everyone love spinach!


Spinach, Pear and Feta Salad

I invented this recipe the year our pear tree had too many pears. I serve it on very special occasions but can be made for everyday meals too.

Author: Judy R

Beautiful Salad

A spur-of-the-moment creation when I wanted something with a great flavor punch and lots of color, plus quick to prepare---this one fills the bill, with...

Author: Wendy Gayle Wright Epps

Wilted Spinach and Almond Salad

This is a vegetarian-friendly version of wilted spinach salad. You can leave the eggs out and replace honey with agave or sugar to make it vegan.


Spinach and Mango Salad

An out of this world salad that will have your dinner guests begging for the recipe. It is also versatile - summer berries are a nice alternative. I wouldn't...


Strawberry Romaine Salad II

This is a great summer salad that utilizes fresh romaine, onions, strawberries, and a sweet poppy seed dressing.

Author: Dort

Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing

This spinach salad with black-eyed peas is a twist on one of my favorite culinary traditions: serving beans and greens on New Year's Day. Greens represent...

Author: Chef John

Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad

Quick, easy, and tasty salad!

Author: Rachel True

Blueberry Spinach Salad


Author: Kathi Crawford

Spinach Salad With Berries and Curry Dressing

This recipe is packed with brain boosters.

Author: USA WEEKEND columnist Jean Carper

Spring Strawberry Spinach Salad

This fresh strawberry and spinach salad is tossed with a sweet poppy seed dressing.

Author: Mona

Spicy Mandarin Spinach Salad

Between the sweetness of the mandarin oranges and the cayenne-spiced pecans, flavor explodes in each bite of this salad. Top it off with Chinese five spice...

Author: MissaLissa

Strawberry and Spinach Salad with Honey Poppy Seed Dressing

Easy-to-find items come together to make a salad that is out of the ordinary! Sweet strawberries, fresh spinach, crunchy pecans, and crispy bacon are drizzled...

Author: Bibi

Mexican Chicken and Black Bean Salad

I call this diet haters' diet food because simple substitutions mean you won't feel deprived. You shouldn't miss the tortilla chips because you have delicious...

Author: dian

Korean Salad

I have made this salad for over 30 years and everyone raves about it.

Author: Marianne

Strawberry Summer Salad

I stopped at a deli and ordered a meal that came with this salad. The salad was so different that I didn't even want to try it. I did try it and loved...

Author: The Dahl House

Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

A colorful mix of baby greens, mandarin oranges, and almonds is topped with a sweet and tangy poppy seed dressing.

Author: Siobhan

Spinach Cantaloupe Salad with Mint


Author: SPEARSON35

Spinach Salad with Grilled Salmon and Strawberries

This beautiful salad is delicious and nutritious, too! Grilled salmon is combined with fresh spinach, red bell pepper, fresh mushrooms, and fresh strawberries....

Author: Bibi

Strawberry Spinach Salad With Feta and Bacon

Strawberry spinach salad has feta cheese, sweet onion, and crumbled bacon all tossed with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.


Colorful Kale and Spinach Salad and Homemade Dressing

I made this because of my husband. He wanted kale in a salad. The rest of the veggies I just happen to have on hand. It became an instant favorite to my...

Author: Kim Vanburen

Nicole's Balsamic Beet and Fresh Spinach Salad

This easy-to-do salad is a tangy and healthy way to add fresh spinach and beets to your diet.

Author: Nicole Evans

Spinach Orange Salad

Spinach, orange, and bacon star in this colorful fresh salad.

Author: LaurasFaves

Spinach Gorganzola Salad

A delicious family recipe that serves up well with BBQ'd dishes. A spinach salad with a hot bacon dressing goes will with crumbled gorgonzola cheese and...

Author: MRSMAC1993

Spinach Salad with Baked Goat Cheese

This is a wonderful way to add elegance and flavor to spinach. The warm goat cheese melts in your mouth and nicely accents the balsamic vinegar.


Summer Strawberry Salad

I was asked to take a salad to a backyard get-together and didn't want to just take the same old thing, so I came up with this recipe, which combines features...

Author: Janna

Spinach Watermelon Mint Salad

A great summer salad with a fresh minty taste that everyone will love!


Blue Spinach Salad

Small amounts of the rich blue cheese goodies add just the right flavor to a very fresh tasting salad. This is my nothing-else-could-possibly-make-me-happy-for-dinner...